Loan boat, loans for pleasure boats

A consumer loan or credit is a financing service that accompanies all individual projects. The purchase of a boat is one of them. Boat loans are designed to suit different projects: from pleasure boats to jet skis to enjoy water activities in all seasons.

A boat loan to take off

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Soliciting a loan to buy a boat means giving yourself the opportunity to access various water activities. Fishing and boating at sea are part of it. Apart from the sailboat or a mechanically propelled vessel, the boat loan also allows the financing of a scooter of the seas, which will not require a place of anchorage.

Boat loans: safe boating

Whatever the boat chosen, the key element is the ocean. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the safety of passengers. Before applying for a credit , it will be necessary to make sure you have the necessary knowledge for a safe navigation with for example motorized pleasure boats. Similarly, it is advisable to ensure that the safety equipment (vests, fire extinguisher, pump, etc.) is on board.

What credit to finance his ship?

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Loans to finance ships are comparable to those for land vehicles. The loan used to acquire his boat is an assigned loan. This means that a proof of purchase must be attached with the other elements of the loan application file. If the latter is the subject of a favorable opinion, the borrower will receive by mail a detailed offer of a credit agreement. This must include the purchase price of the boat. The borrower will then have a 14-day cooling-off period before committing.

The boat loan with Lmana

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Founded in 1951, Lmana is a lending institution, a Kredit Consumer Finance Group brand, and a national expert in consumer lending. For the different types of boats, new or used, it is possible to simulate his loan to know among other things the fixed annual percentage rate (APR) and monthly payments to be reimbursed.

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