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Are your friends going out and having fun, having dinner together or a walk around town? Don’t feel like you can bring along because you don’t have enough money? You can still go out with your friends and have fun! Because with Professor Moriarty you can easily borrow 1000 usd. You can borrow the loan quickly online – so you don’t have to miss anything. Read here!


Loan 1000 dollar already

Loan 1000 dollar already


At Professor Moriarty you can quickly and easily borrow $ 1000 here and now.

When you borrow from Professor Moriarty you do not have to tell what the money is going to be used for. All you need to take out a loan is your NemID. It is your NemID that has to confirm the loan of $ 1000 and sign the agreement.

It is so easy that it only takes 2 minutes and we will approve your loan immediately when you apply. You can apply for a loan of $ 1000 right now. In addition, the benefit of Professor Moriarty is that you have the money in your account right away – it’s that easy!

If you borrow from the bank, it can take up to several weeks for you to pay out the money you have applied for, if you are approved at all. Even though it is only a small amount of $ 1000, but this is not the case with Professor Moriarty. We’ll pay you the money right away! At Professor Moriarty you also save start-up fees as the application process takes place online.

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What will the money be used for?

What will the money be used for?


At Professor Moriarty, we do not ask what you need your loan for. Our consumer loans are made for you and your private consumption, and we do not need to know what your $ 1000 is going for. Our goal is simply to make the loan process as simple as possible for you.

It is up to you!


How do you borrow $ 1000 from Professor Moriarty?

How do you borrow $ 1000 from Professor Moriarty?


To borrow money from Professor Moriarty, there are a few quick steps you need to go through.

Follow them here:

  • Create your profile
    Create a profile in the Loan Calculator on the front and apply for the loan.
    When you create a profile you have the opportunity to continuously adjust your loan. For example, you can choose to repay your loan ahead of time, extend the term of the loan, or take out a new loan. It is up to you !
  • Sign with NemID
    Once you figure out how much money you want to borrow and how long the loan should have, sign your loan agreement. You do this with your NemID.
  • The money will be available in your account immediately
    If you have approved your loan agreement, it will not be long before the money goes into your account.

As a first time lender, you can get 50% interest on the first 30 days. If you pay off your loan within 30 days, it will only cost you $ 100 in interest. The only thing to be repaid in addition to the amount borrowed is $ 100.

You decide when to repay your loan. At Professor Moriarty, we have unlimited credit where we prioritize your wellbeing and schedule. It must therefore be entirely up to you how quickly you will repay your loan with us!


Do you want to borrow more than 1000 usdoner?



If you are a first-time borrower with Professor Moriarty, you can borrow up to $ 6,000. The next time you borrow from us, you can borrow up to $ 12,000 if you need a larger loan.

At Professor Moriarty, we have a fixed interest rate, so you always know what you’re going to pay. That way you have the opportunity to set your budget based on the fixed interest rate. Do you suddenly get more money between your hands and the opportunity to repay the rest of your loan at once? Then it’s also an option.


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